Objectives of the Cell:

SC/ST Cell has been constituted in the Institute to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the SC/ST Officers, Employees, and Students of the Institute. Following are the important work under SC/ST Cell:


1. All affairs related to SC/ST.

2. All affairs related to SC/ST reservation implemented in the Institute according to Indian Government Policy.

3. Registering the complaints in writing from of SC/ST teachers, officers, employees, and students and address it to concerned department, person, section for its peaceful resolution.

4. Nomination of SC/ST students for Cell at Institute level.


The following are the committee members :              

NAME   OF THE STAFF                         COMMITTEE CHARGE                                    DESIGNATION

Dr. R. Satyanarayana                                      Chairman                                                             Principal

Sri Ch. Veerendra Kumar                              Secratery                                                             Coordinator

Sri B. Ramesh Kumar                                      Member                                                              Assoc. Professor

Sri S. Ramakrishna                                           Member                                                              Lecturer

Kum  T. Divya                                                     Member                                                              Student



  • Coming Soon Principal Report

Principal's Report
  • The objective of our institution has always been to pursue academic excellence with a value based education – a continual phenomenon to upgrade and update the system of education that is followed here as per the norms of Andhra University which has introduced CBCS programme. We stand aloft in providing placement to our students through campus selections. We have helped several of our students achieved their dreams of securing placement in the most coveted labs and organizations like Infosys, Wipro, Cap Gemini, Hetero etc. Finally I express my deep sense of gratitude to the management for extending their unstinted cooperation to lead the institution to the forefront of premier institutions. I also thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and students for helping me with my Endeavour.     



Coordinator's Report