About Us

Rajah R.S.R.K. Ranga Rao College, Bobbili is the offspring of the munificence of the philanthropic public of Bobbili and the vicinity. 

The happiest day in the history of Bobbili was February 20th, 1961 then the Sastyabdhipurthi of the Royal personality. His Highness Sri Rao Swethachalapathi Rama Krishna Ranga Rao Bahadur varu, the Rajah of Bobbili was celebrated. To commemorate this important event in a grand befitting manner all the people of Bobbili and around assembled on 6th February, 1961 under the leadership of Sri C.Atchuta Rao garu the architect of the present college. The Public which included mostly sugarcane growers though it fit to express their gratitude to the Rajah Saheb of Bobbili, for all monumental services rendered by him to the people both as the Chief Minister of the erstwhile Madras services and as the Ruler of Bobbili, by establishing a College of Arts and Science in the name of Sri varu. The jubilant idea met with a grand welcome and spontaneous approbation from every quarter. The initiation was done by the sugarcane growers with their liberal contributions. Sri C.Atchyuta Rao garu as the president of Sastyabdhi Sangham shouldered this onerous task and did all the spade work facing the hurdles and ordeals bravely and cheerfully by virtue of the preservance and indefatigable energies present in him. 

The Rajah Saheb of Bobbili, the noble personality made a liberal donation of a building to house the College with a site costing over Rs.1,00,000/- and more than 5 acres of adjoining vacant site. The tower of strength of the College committee is its Chairman Sri Rajah R.V.G.K. Ranga Rao Bahadur, whose guiding influence was foremost in establishing the College in Bobbili, the magnanimity of the philanthropic public and sugarcane growers in particular in launching this praise worthy scheme immortalizes the benigh name of the Rajah Saheb of Bobbili. 

Bobbili richly deserves a College as it once shone brilliantly as a famous center of learning. This College is ideally located in the midst of panoramic view and peaceful environment away from the din and bustle of the town. 

It is the only college which has received Rs.5,00,000/- as a grant from U.G.C. basing on the constraints levied by the U.G.C.

Principal's Report
  • The objective of our institution has always been to pursue academic excellence with a value based education – a continual phenomenon to upgrade and update the system of education that is followed here as per the norms of Andhra University which has introduced CBCS programme. We stand aloft in providing placement to our students through campus selections. We have helped several of our students achieved their dreams of securing placement in the most coveted labs and organizations like Infosys, Wipro, Cap Gemini, Hetero etc. Finally I express my deep sense of gratitude to the management for extending their unstinted cooperation to lead the institution to the forefront of premier institutions. I also thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and students for helping me with my Endeavour.     



Coordinator's Report